What we love about Schmeks Beef Stix is the size, dates and versatility!  These are a BIG 50g meat stick.  A great tasting snack for picnics, hiking, camping, lunch boxes or for Friday night drinks with a beer or wine.  They are also great chopped up on a grazing platter.  Think cheddar cheese, pickled onion, semi-dried tomatoes, deli meats, dried figs and pears, cashews or smoked almonds, slices of nougat and home-made dips and crackers.  With no refrigeration required and at least 6 months shelf life, you can’t go wrong with a few of these stocked in your cupboard.

- The BIG Meat Stick

Looking for a tasty high protein snack on the go, that is low in sugar, salt and has no added sugar?  Well look no further! Pack Schmeks Beef Jerky in your gym bag or take to work and enjoy the unbeatable flavour and texture of Schmeks. Perfect for those tracking their macros!

Made from 100% Australian choice lean beef, marinated using a secret recipe and air-dried to perfection.  There is no soy or sugar added to increase the weight of the product, which is a common practice for so many other brands.  When you eat a packet of Schmeks Beef Jerky, you ‘got beef’ and nothing else.

- Got Beef?